Xfinity IP Administration

Windows Network Tools

Since the main subject of this website is how to access and configure the Xfinity router we will give several useful Windows OS commands which will help with this task.

ipconfig -all

Shows all network interfaces currently used by the computer.

route PRINT

Prints current routing table used by computer. Route command will show all routes including the one going to your router (look for the Gateway column).

Ipconfig tool

ipconfig is probably the most popular Windows command line networking tool. It is used to quickly retrieve information about Windows network interfaces. Also, it can perform certain manipulations on a network interfaces like releasing or renewing IP address, flushing DNS, re-registering DNS and more. Read Ipconfig tool manual.

Hostname tool

Hostname is a simplistic console tool which outputs computer network name. It is very useful in command line scripts.

Route tool

Route tool is used to display and manipulate Windows operating system routing tables. Use route PRINT to display all entries in a current routing table including gateway, interface, network mask and metric. Read Route tool manual.

Nslookup tool

Nslookup is a DNS lookup tool which will try to resolve a domain name to an IP address (or multiple) and dispay it. Read Nslookup tool manual.

Tracert tool

Tracert is a quite useful tool for network debugging because it displays exact route of the IP packet as it travels through routers and switches from server to your computer. It takes some time to complete because it sends a series of ICMP echo requests and all of them need to complete for full debug information to be available. But information retrieved by tracert is quite valuable. Read Tracert tool manual.

Ping tool

Ping is a very simplistic tool which shows if an IP, network name, or domain name is reachable. It also shows time that it took for signal to travel from server to your computer. It is useful for debugging network connectivity and performance problems. Read Ping tool manual.

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