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Find a device IP address

When a computer or a device connects to the network it automatically gets an IP address assigned to it. Certain devices may have static (non-variable) IP address assigned to them and identify with it. Without IP address devices won’t be able to correctly communicate with other devices on the network and connect to the internet.

Typically, in your day to day work with computer you don’t need to know its IP address. Still, there are cases when this knowledge may be useful. For example, if you need to directly connect to a certain computer or a device you may need its IP address. Or if you are setting up a device like surveillance camera first time you may need its IP address to register it with video recording device. There are also many other cases when IP address of a device may be useful.

Depending on what kind of device you want to find an IP address for the algorithm for looking it up is different. But there are some general guidelines that we will cover here.

  • For computers with Windows OS or Mac OS use ipconfig tool for a quick IP address lookup. Depending on the operating system instructions are slightly different. Read this article for more information.
  • For devices with Android and iOS operating system you can look IP address in the settings dialog.
  • For devices like surveillance cameras, video recorders, etc. check the corresponding manual. Certain devices may initialize with a static IP address or a certain name which you will need to access first in order to initialize them.

If your device IP starts with 169.254 it means that it failed to initialize on the network, or it cannot connect to the network. In this case you need to either try connecting to another network or contact a network admin for instructions on how to solve this problem.

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