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Access and Configure Default Gateway

Default gateway is a device which recieves and routes traffic coming from inside and outside of the network. Its main purpose is to connect a home or enterprise network to other networks and correctly route packets coming both ways. In a small networks default gateway is typically matches to a network router or modem.

In order to configure the default gateway you need to know how to access it. Below are quick instructions on how to do it for each operating system.

Windows OS

  • Open command line prompt by pressing Start, then typing "cmd" in the search box and clicking on "Command" in a list of results.
  • Type ipconfig /all and press Enter
  • Look for "Default Gateway" line in the output. You will find the default gateway IP address in this line.

Mac OS

  • Run Launchpad by clicking corresponding button in the bottom menu.
  • Type "Terminal" in the Launchpad search box.
  • Click on Terminal icon
  • Type netstat -nr | grep default
  • IP address of the default gateway will be in the output next to the "default"

Configuring Default Gateway

Once you know IP address of the default gateway type it in the browser address bar and press Enter. You should see gateway administration UI login screen. Once you type correct credentials you will be able to administer the default gateway.

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