Xfinity IP Administration Xfinity Login Information is an address used by Comcast Xfinity Router to identify itself on the network. It is an IP address in the private network 24-bit IP address block. This private address block consists of 16,777,216 addresses and can include IPs from to Typically IP address is used as a first IP address in a smaller private subnet with mask which covers 254 IP addresses in range from to This subnet is usually used for smaller home networks like one which Comcast Xfinity router manages. IP address is used as a default address by the following routers:

  • Xfinity Comcast Router and Gateway
  • Alfa AP51 router
  • Aris TG1682G router
  • Aztech NA8300 router
  • Multiple Cisco routers including DPC3941, AIR-AP342E2CUS, 881-W and DPC3939
  • Lucent AS-2000 router
  • Netcomm N3G9W router
In order to configure your router you need to access it using its IP address. If you don't know it consult with your router guide or with our article on how to recover router password.

Default User Name and Password

Most routers with default IP address use "admin" for username and "admin" as a password. Cisco routers use "admin" as a username and "password" as a password. SMC routers use "cusadmin" or "admin" as a username and "password" or "highspeed" as a password. For information on how to access your router read an article on how to access and configure it.

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