Xfinity IP Administration

Router Password Configuration

In order to protect router from an unauthorized access its configuration interface is protected with a secure login page which requires user to enter a router administrator user name and password. These credentials are typically set to the default during the router factory configuration. Default router credentials are typically available in the router manual or online router credential databases.

Alternatively, router credentials are frequently preconfigured by internet service providers. Each router is assigned unique username and password. To simplify configuration these credentials are typically printed on a label which is attached to the bottom or a side of the modem or router.

If you just purchased a new router or modem it is recommended to change its credentials to a new ones to prevent someone from accessing it and reconfiguring. This is usually done in the router administrative user interface in the “Router Settings”, “Router Management” or “Account Management” menu.

Fixing router password problems

If you have a router and you cannot login to the administrative interface, try following methods:

  • Make sure that you are connected to the right router. There could be multiple routers on the network.
  • Look for a sticker with credentials at the bottom of the router.
  • Check the router manual for the default credentials and see if they work.
  • Check the internet for the default credentials used on that specific router model and see if they work.
  • If the router or modem is loaned by the internet service provider check with them if they can provide a credentials to it.

If the methods above do not work you can try to reset a router. It is important to note that resetting the router will cause it to reset to a factory configuration and all network settings will need to be reconfigured. Thus, this is only recommended for someone who is experienced in network configuration.

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