Xfinity IP Administration

Recover and Protect Router Password

Router is a device responsible for managing network traffic coming into and outside of the network. That is why it is important that it is secure and protected from various types of attacks. To protect router from malicious access, router administrative interface is protected by username and password. But this protection is frequenly weak because routers are being shipped with the default password set at the factory and many users don't change these credentials when router is installed. To prevent malicious access to the router it is recommended to change the default password and/or username after the router is installed.

An opposite case is when you have a router on the network and need to configure it but don't know or remember its credentials. In this case you can follow steps below to see if you can recover your router credentials.

  • Check if there are ISP stickers on your router. Many ISPs place stickers with router credentials on the back of the device.
  • Check router manual for the default credentials information. As we mentioned above, frequently routers are installed with minimum additional reconfiguration and factory credentials are preserved. If this is the case make sure to change default credentials to a secure ones.
  • If you don't have a router manual try to look for it on the internet or search for default credentials for your specific router model. Most of the default credentials are published on websites online.

If none of the above works you may choose to do a factory reset of the router. Be careful with this choice since it will also reset all configuration for the router and you may have to reconfigure your network. Factory reset instructions are available in the router manual. After reset make sure to change credentials to a secure ones.

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